Echo at Satsop
short film, 2013

‘Echo at Satsop’ was filmed entirely at the abandoned Satsop nuclear facility in southern Washington. The making of this film began with director/producer Ichikawa’s response to the triple disaster that occurred in her home country of Japan. On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit the country, causing a massive tsunami that led to the collapse of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Tragically, it’s devastating impact on the people and environment around it will continue for years to come. Ichikawa was inspired by the emotional juxtaposition between ethereality and fear that she experienced while being in the Satsop cooling tower, as well as by the amazing acoustic property of the space where the sound created by simply clapping hands becomes an emotional experience.

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Producer and Director: Etsuko Ichikawa
Cinematographer: Ian Lucero
Sound Engineer: Tom Stiles
Editors: Ian Lucero and Etsuko Ichikawa