Murmurings of Love
short film, 2019

'Murmurings of Love' depicts a futuristic heroine smashing an ancient vessel created out of uranium glass, a byproduct of nuclear energy. The figure wears protective clothing and is masked, while almost carelessly smashing the toxic vessel she presents. This is reflection not only on our relationship with nature, but also the thoughtlessness in which today’s world considers our global impact.
This is Ichikawa's fourth film that she created in response to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown.

Murmurings of Love
4 minutes 30 seconds

Director, Producer, Editor: Etsuko Ichikawa
Filmmaker: Masahiro Sugano
Photographer: Alec Miller
Sound engineer: Tom Stiles
Drummers: Bob Howell and Etsuko Ichikawa
Translator: Jonathan Way
Filmed in Seattle, Washington, USA

Homage to:
Ai Weiwei's Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn
Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back